AusGroup Supporting Green Hydrogen Project to Power Asia Pacific’s Energy Future

Through its subsidiary company NT Port and Marine (NTPM), AusGroup has played a key role in supporting the Tiwi Islands economy for many years, with NTPM’s port, fuel supply and adjacent facilities at Port Melville being used to export product and to transport equipment and supplies both to and from the Islands since 2014.

Until now, the main export from the Tiwi Islands and from the port has been woodchips from the renewable plantation. Woodchip shipments from the island to-date total over three quarters of a million tonnes. Thesehave been shipped to South-East Asian destinations with the product sourced from product sourced from managed plantations on the island.

The local economy’s reliance on just forestry will change and diversify over time, following the announcement of a green hydrogen production and export project by ASX-listed Provaris Energy Limited (Provaris). Provaris has announced that it is planning to build a compressed hydrogen facility on the Tiwi Islands, which will be capable of producing up to 100,000 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen to be exported to Asia-Pacific markets.

In what is a transformational and high-profile project for the Tiwi Islands and Tiwi People, the Islands will play a key role in supporting the world’s transition to a net-zero carbon environment, with long-term opportunities to flow to the local community.

The Proposed Hydrogen Project

The project includes a solar farm, transmission line and a green hydrogen production and compression facility which will be built at AusGroup’s NTPM port on Melville Island.

The facility will extract up to 2.8 GW of hydrogen through electrolysis from water using renewably-sourced electricity and desalinated water – a process which is the most economically sustainable way of producing hydrogen, itself a clean energy source of the future.

The suitability of NTPM’s port infrastructure for shipping compressed hydrogen from Port Melville is only one of the many advantages of the Tiwi Islands for the hydrogen project.


The Tiwi Islands – Location, Location, Location

Geographically, the Tiwi Islands are located 70 kilometers north of Darwin, the closest Australian port to Asian markets. This brings significant geographic and logistical advantages for both shipping and supply chain efficiencies, with Asia expected to be a key market for green hydrogen going forward.

The Tiwi Islands is around 7,800 square kilometers, which is ten times the size of Singapore

There’s potential for a vast renewable industry on the Islands and, importantly, working with the existing plantation land means there will be minimal environmental impact.

Shane Kimpton, CEO and Managing Director of AusGroup said. “This is a great opportunity for AusGroup to support Provaris Energy and the Tiwi People as they export hydrogen on a global scale”.

The green hydrogen project will be transformative for local Tiwi communities both now and into the future. NTPM and Provaris Energy are working closely with local Munupi landowners, the Tiwi Land Council and the Northern Territory Government to ensure the project delivers long term opportunities to Tiwi people.

Green hydrogen will be an important part of the zero-carbon transition, and for many reasons the Tiwi Islands is the perfect place to produce compressed green hydrogen to meet the growing demand in Hydrogen.


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