A Client Win

AusGroup were able to provide single-source efficiencies with our end-to-end solution which included the fabrication, assembly and installation on site.

The quality fabrication of the trusses which included the blend of both carbon and stainless steel on the trusses.

The client couldn’t find fault in our process including material traceability, material processing, fabrication and welding.

Despite an 8 day delay in installation, due on inclement rain, which was unusual for the season, AusGroup completed the project with only 1
day’s delay to the scheduled completion.


Continuous Improvement

The truss had approx. 200 pipes to profile cut to fit each other which required extensive drafting and development. The traditional method would
be to mark each pipe individually by hand and freehand cut. A 3rd party company was used for the precision cutting using a CNC plasma cutting
machine which saved weeks of time and labour.

AusGroup have since purchased 6 axis CNC plasma pipe profile cutting machine which will be used for future jobs saving more hours and cost
for our clients.


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