The Project

AGC was contracted to complete the capital upgrade of spiral and lauder modules 1 & 2 at the Christmas Creek Mine. The spirals have reached their end of life and were creating substantial spillage to the area. The new spirals design has been altered to better suit the running condition of the plant by the metallurgist on site.

The Scope

The scope involved material supply, existing spirals removal, steel modification and replacement with new spirals and launder systems including Structural, Mechanical, Piping & E&I services. Continuous Improvement Initiatives

  • AGC in conjunction with our design partner developed a concept for lifting out the spiral banks due to location of the spirals. The concept was then designed, fabricated and put into work to remove the spirals. This entailed lifting beams utilising an air winch to lower down the spirals to a position and then transferring the loads to a suitable point outside the building where the crane could lift the spirals from the outside of the building and lower to the ground.
  • Lifting devices to get spirals out from building. Building was built around the spirals without maintenance / replacement involved.


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